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Specialists in the welding of thin gauge materials

Our skilled welding team have the ability to weld a wide range of products using MIG and TIG welding processes and specialise in the welding of thin gauge materials in mild steel, aluminised steel, and stainless steel.

To ensure a quality product is always produced we carry out regular assessments of all our welding staff to ensure they meet the high standards we expect. 

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Volume Production

Verified welding assembly fixtures

All production volume products are manufactures using verified welding assembly fixtures designed and produced during the design and development stage. This is to ensure repeatability of the products. 

Where necessary SOPs are implemented to ensure specific requirements are met and consistent quality is achieved.

Complementary Services

Producing high quality complete products

Our MIG and TIG welding services are complemented by our testing and finishing team. We have the ability to leak test our welded assemblies to ensure the product conforms to the required specifications. 

For stainless steel parts we also have the capability to clean welded joints to improve your final product’s overall look using our electrochemical cleaning equipment

Welding exhaust systems - Franklin Silencers
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