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Introducing a brand new bespoke service

Franklin Silencers have invested in a brand new Tube Laser

To compliment our tube manipulation and fabrication processes we have made a significant investment in a CSM LS208 fibre tube laser. 


Tube laser technology will allow us to  cut standard tube to a much tighter tolerance and with increased quality. It will also give us and more importantly our customers much more freedom when designing products. The laser will allow us to perform more complex shapes with tube than previous manual tools and machines would ever allow.


Alongside the actual machine our new 3D nesting software, TubesT, allows us to use lengths of tubes in the most efficient way meaning we can reduce the amount of material wastage, this in turn means we can continue to supply our customers products in the most cost effective way.


All-In-One Solution

Alongside cutting standard tube the laser gives us the ability to perform other operations which would normally be carried out on multiple machines such as drilling, notching and etching all to an extremely high standard and high accuracy on a single machine, improving the quality of the service we offer to our customers.

Large range of sizes can be processed

With an operating range of 16mm to 208mm and covering all manner of profiles from standard round and square section to elliptical and flat sided oval tube our laser has the ability to process a large range of materials. 

Thickness isn’t an issue either due to the large operating range of up to 3mm thick in mild steel, aluminised steel, stainless steel and aluminium.