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Tube Laser Cutting

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Introducing a brand new bespoke service

Franklin Silencers have invested in a brand new Tube Laser

Coming online in March 2022 is Franklin Silencer’s brand new investment a CSM Fibre Tube Laser. By investing in tube laser technology, we will be able to improve the overall quality of products we produce as well as giving us and our customers greater freedom with the design of their products.

All-In-One Solution

Alongside cutting standard tube the laser gives us the ability to perform other operations which would normally be carried out on multiple machines such as drilling, notching and etching all to an extremely high standard and high accuracy on a single machine, improving the quality of the service we offer to our customers.

Large range of sizes can be processed

With an operating range of 20mm to 208mm and covering all manner of profiles from standard round and square section to elliptical and flat sided oval tube our laser has the ability to process a huge range of materials. Thickness isn’t an issue either due to the large operating range of up to 6mm thick for mild steel parts and 4mm thick for stainless steel parts.