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Using the latest design software

Our design team use the latest design software from Solidworks to ensure Franklin Silencers can produce our customers high quality exhaust silencers and fabrications.

When designing an exhaust silencer our team will use our decades of experience alongside our bespoke design software to calculate optimum pipe diameters, silencer volumes and the internal silencer layout.

We can design a silencer based on your own external design using your drawings or 3D CAD files, or with the availability of your end product 3D model, we can create a bespoke silencer design for you.


Franklin Silencers design services

Design Team Assist

Design and Development partners

Our design team will assist you every step of the way through the design and development stage of your project to ensure that the end product meets with your specification and that the transition to full production is seamless. We also design and manufacture assembly fixtures and required tooling to ensure we can produce parts consistently.

Exhaust design

Design for ease of manufacture

We assist you to design fabricated components with ease of manufacture in mind.

We can assist with the design of tubular components and fabrications. With our in depth knowledge of our manufacturing capabilities we can take your concept designs and ensure that they fit our standard tooling and machine capabilities. This means your product can be manufactured in the most effective way and help to remove additional costs for bespoke tooling.

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