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Over 50 years of experience working with leading manufactures

For over 50 years Franklin Silencers have been one of the leading companies producing exhaust silencers and systems to some of the leading manufactures of construction, logistics and power generation equipment.

Exhaust silencers can be designed by our in house design team using our own bespoke design software to ensure we can produce a product that meets your requirements for noise and back pressure. All our exhaust silencers are designed and manufactured to your bespoke requirements meaning that there a very few limitations on what we can produce for you. We are also able to produce silencers that contain integral spark arresters and catalytic converters.

Silencer design and innovation

Complete Systems

Use our full manufacturing capability

We not only offer the manufacture of exhaust silencers, manifolds and associated pipe work can also be completed by our tube manipulation team, and a large range of brackets and other fabrications can be designed and manufactured meaning we can use our full manufacturing capability to provide you with a complete system.

Silencer build and production

Adapting to offer the best service and products

Constantly adapting to ensure we can offer the best service and products to our customers Over the years the requirements and specifications for exhaust silencers have changed dramatically due to changes in noise and emissions legislation.

These changes have meant we have had to adapt our processes and techniques to ensure we can continue to produce high quality silencers to meet our customer’s exact requirements. Our place as one of the leading suppliers to some of the largest companies both nationally and globally is testament to our quality and service.

As well as stand alone silencers our full manufacturing capability means we can produce full exhaust systems including all associated pipework and brackets.

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Below are some images of our Silencer and Exhaust capability

Silencer Design