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News Article - February 2022

Brand New Service Coming Soon

Tube laser cutting machineryComing online in March 2022 is our brand new CSM Tube Laser Cutter. By investing in tube laser technology, we are broadening our manufacturing capabilities to enable us to offer our customers more freedom with their designs. This will also remove lots of very manual operations from several of our products which will improve the product quality and make our manufacturing processes much more efficient.

News Article - January 2019

End Former Arrival

Our latest machine investment, an Addison FM150 Class CNC end former has recently been deliver and is already making a huge impact with our production capability. This machine allows us to form 2.5” and 3” male Marmon type fittings directly onto bends we manufacture. Previously these fitting were manufacture on standard form tooling and then welded onto the bends to create finished assemblies. This new capability allows us to improve the quality of the products we supply.

News Article - October 2018

Brake Press Investment

To improve the quality of the service we provide our customers and to manufacture our folded components with greater ease we have invested in a brand new Morgan Rushworth 2.5 meter CNC brake press. This new machine will be housed in a new unit close by to our main facility which will also house a pipe section along with additional welding capacity. .

News Article - October 2015

New Dedicated finishing Section

Franklin Silencers paint spraying machineryPaint spraying equipment deliveryWe have recently taken over a new building which we will be turning into a dedicated finishing and finished goods storage unit. Along with this new building we have invested in a brand new purpose built tracked paint line and stoving oven. 

This new unit is 60 meters from our main facility and will enable us to continue to supply our customers with goods which are finished to extremely high standards.