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Thermal Insulation

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Offering a large range of insulation solutions to suit most applications

Whether you need to insulate parts to improve the operator safety of your product or to increase your DPF/SCR efficiency by capturing and conserving heat within the system.

Franklin Silencers can offer a range of solutions to suit most installations.

Traditional aluminium foil backed mat type insulation is generally used to insulate silencers with a bandage type material available for pipework etc. However, over the past couple of years other more specialist insulation systems have been developed these are detailed below.

Thermally insulated products


Bespoke insulation jackets for installations where a removable solution is required for maintenance

As well as our permanently attached insulation products we can also offer high quality insulation jackets. These jackets provide a removable component that is easily re-installed to assist in general maintenance of systems.

Thermally Insulated pipes

Permanently fixed insulation solutions

Our specialist permanently fixed insulation solutions are designed to suit your specific requirements for finish and thermal requirements.

Hard-shell insulation provides a robust, durable, and lightweight finish which is oil and water resistant. The insulation material is applied to the pipe and then encased in an outer foil which is resistance welded to form a permanent outer shell. This type of insulation is often used when a good visual appearance is required, or specific moulded shapes are required.

Thermo-elastic insulation is used in a similar way to the hard-shell insulation products the only difference being the outer part of the product is covered in a silicon material which will protect the inner insulation material from oil and water.

Thermal Insulation products